Super SMS : Our API


Do you have an SMS site and want to use our API? You can use our API for FREE without set-up cost.

You can interface an application, website or system with our messaging gateway by using our very flexible HTTP API connection. Once you're connected, you'll be able to deliver messages or check your balance.

The parameters are:

1. destination : The destination phone numbers. Separate multiple numbers with comma(,)
3. username: Your account username
4. password: Your account password
5. senderid: The sender ID to show on the receiver's phone
6. message: The text message to be sent

API configuration:


For example, if you have registered on with username "frank" and password "1234" and you wish to send a message through our HTTP API to the phone no 08038634097 using the name of your company FRANK NIG. You will use NIG&destination=2348038634097&message=message;


  • Always urlencode your username, password, senderid, destination and message parameters.

API response on Success: "Success, no of units used"

Account balance API:;

Other return values are

-Username Missing = If you have not supplied your username in the http request
-Password Missing = If you have not supplied your password in the http request
-Destination Missing = If you have not supplied destination in the http request
-Sender ID Missing = If you have not supplied Sender ID in the http request
-Message Missing = If you have not supplied Message in the http request
-No Username with the account = If supplied username is not correct
-Error: Wrong Password! = If supplied password is not correct
-Insufficient Units = If your balance is less down the amount of sms you want to send

On success, the following code will be returned
"Success, no of units used"